What to look for when buying a new kitchen faucet? Yes, there are plenty of things to consider before buying the top rated kitchen faucets.  Here are the types of kitchen faucets and the thing you need to do with your kitchen faucets.


  • Single- Handled Kitchen Faucets

Single Handle Kitchen Faucet is simple yet awesome. It gives cool and attractive look to your kitchen. You will be amazed at how easy to clean the sink with this elegant faucet. Single Handle can be used for either hot water or cold water based on your mood. You will get a lot of options when you browse. However, you should consider the quality and reliability of the kitchen faucet.

  • Two- Handled Kitchen Faucets

Two Handle Kitchen Faucets is ideal for anyone who wants to bring the attractive look to their kitchen. Each of the handles can be used for different purposes like one handle for water flow and another one for temperature control.  It is easy to handle and flexible faucets that can be used by people of all age groups.

 Touchless or Hands-free Kitchen Faucets

A touch-less faucet is an excellent option for those who don’t want to use their bare hands. Rather than using your bare hands, you can enjoy the best touchless faucets. It is an elegant faucet comes with touch-less features. Even, a kid can handle this amazing faucet.

Arc heights

You have to choose the type of faucet based on the arc height. Here are the two types of kitchen faucets that fit your arc height.

  • High Arc Kitchen Faucets

High arc kitchen faucet is specially designed for those who often clean their large vessels and container. The arc height is 8 inches above the kitchen sink plane.

  • Low Arc Kitchen faucets

Low arc faucets are the perfect option for one who’s cabinet is above the arc height. In general, arc height is just  3 inches above the kitchen sink.  In such case, Low Arc kitchen faucet is the best option.

  • Sprayer

Besides soap dispenser and handles, a nice sprayer will make your day. Whenever you wash and clean your vessels, don’t forget to use nice spray. A stylish faucet with great sprayer is what everyone wants.

  • Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

The kitchen faucets pull straight down to the bottom of the sink. It is flexible and you can adjust the faucets at any size. This faucet is really great for the large sink. It is the most commonly used type of faucets. It looks great and awesome. If you want a faucet with different feature, you can go for Pull out Kitchen Faucets.

  • Pull Out Kitchen faucets

As the name implies, the faucet head is pulled out towards you. The best part of this faucet is you can clean your faucets easily without any external disturbance. Also, you can wash and place your vessels on the sides nearer to the kitchen sink. In fact, it is more comfortable for you. It is ideal for those who want to manage the things at ease.