With improvement in the technological world, people tend to want more. Now that we are in the 21st century, the revolution of smartphones and new versions of OS has become our choices. While many are in the queue of development, Apple stands to be something different. Recently, iPad Pro is speculated to get launched in this year. But what excites more is that we are heading towards that big event of WWDC where Apple will unveil its next iOS 11.

Since there are millions of Apple users, they are eager to know which iPads and iPhones will get the new iOS 11. Considering their sentiments, we have listed out the compatibility of iOS 11. Read below.

  • The sixth generation of iPod touch
  • iPad mini 4 and iPad mini 3
  • iPhone 5s, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch
  • iPad Air 2, iPad Air 1
  • iPad Pro 9.7-inch and many more.

For the Apple fans, it is important to know what new features will be coming with the upcoming iOS 11. The most important among all is the Siri update. According to research, it is speculated that iOS 11 will be expected with a more natural Siri. A more intelligent Siri is expected this time.Siri, the digital assistance of Apple was more of fun at the initial stage, but as time passed, Sri got more useful with betterment. The iMessage integration of Siri is expected to work more like that of Google assistant. However, iCloud integration is quite different and more impressive too.

ios 11 release date leaked

Apart from the Siri update, Apple with iOS 11 is supposed to feature a brand new viewing mode called the Dark mode. With this design of black background, you can rest your eyes by viewing at night. However, Dark Mode was already there in iOS 10 version which was released in June. Unfortunately, it has not been unlocked till now. By Bloomberg report, we get to know that Apple is working on its upcoming version in order to improve the Apple Maps. By using drones, Apple is improving to update and capture the information of its map. Much to excite the fans, we must state that Apple has been allowed to a dynamic keyboard which is positioned on the touchscreens. The individual keys will be placed in the position of detection according to users.

For Apple users, you must know one thing. If you are reading this article to know the release date of iOS 11, then this is what you have to know. If at all Apple goes with its tradition then you must know that the big day is very near. In WWDC event, Apple is by far speculated to launch its upcoming iOS 11; whereby many developers will be invited. Till now we just know this much about iOS 11 release date. We will give you updates whenever we get to know them by some official sources.