Blue Dart Express is started out in 1991 and is now a subsidiary of DHL a German logistics corporation. Blue Dart is certainly one of the biggest logistics corporation in the world and South Asia as its primary base. It is having a domestic community of 33,867 locations and provides services to nearly 220 nations in the world via its parent business enterprise DHL with only competitor as Federal Express (FedEx). Blue Dart had eighty-five warehouses inside the India in conjunction with main hubs in 7 metropolitan cities of Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata.

Blue Dart Order Tracking

Blue Dart is having various services in its network like Interline, Smart Box, Dart Apex, Temperature Control Logistics, Dart Surfaceline, Airport to Airport, Express Pallet, Regional Services, International Services and Charters.

How to Track Your Order through Blue Dart?

There are different ways to track an order through Blue Dart and now I will be explaining those one by one in the article. All of these are simple to use methods if necessary objects are available like internet, mobile etc.

Customer care:

Blue Dart had a Toll-Free number which is a free to use service for anyone having an active mobile. Blue Dart customer care number 1800 233 1234 is the Toll-Free number of Blue Dart.

Step 1: Dial the customer care number of Blue Dart in your mobile.

Step 2: Once it is connected to the customer care tell them your requirement and provide your Way Bill or Reference Number and they will provide the real time status of the courier.


Blue Dart is having an option in its website to track shipment which is present on mostly any webpage of the website on the left side. It will be named as Track Dart and will provide an option to enter your Way bill number or Reference Number. Once you clicked on the “GO” button it will provide you all the details it had on your shipment.

Local Blue Dart Office:

If both the above options had not be so useful for you can use this option to find the status of the shipment. Find the address of the receiving Blue Dart office and if possible go to the office directly or call to them via telephone. Once you have contacted them you need to provide the Way Bill or Reference Number to check the status. After checking the status, they will provide you the details of the shipments.

These are the three notable ways by which you can find the status of any shipment through Blue Dart. These options are useful only till 45 days of the deliver after that all the records will be deleted from the Blue Dart databases.