Basically, the Axis Bank gift card is a non-reloadable prepaid magnetic strip which comes along with one year of warranty. This gift card is accepted all around the merchant outlets and even online portals.

Now let us talk about the features of these Axis Bank gift cards.

axis bank gift cards


1. Virtual Card:-

So Axis Bank is not only limited to the physical form of cards, but they also provide you with Virtual Cards which is also known as E-Cards.

The best part about these cards is that they are delivered instantly right into the receivers inbox. These E-cards are accepted by all the merchants in India who use VISA cards.

2. Universal Acceptance:-

The another best part about the Axis Bank gift cards is that they can be used at all the merchant outlets and all the online shopping portals as well.

3. Flexibility:-

The gift cards which are provided by Axis Banks are flexible. All these gift cards can be loaded with the denomination amount of Rs.500 to Rs.50,000 which is really good.

The another good thing about these cards is that they can be activated just within a couple of hours, and coming to the E-cards, they will be accepted instantly.

4. Security:-

Now you might be wondering, these gift cards are really good and useful as well, but what about the security?

If your main concern is security, you don’t need to worry at all, all these gift cards come with a unique PIN (Personal Identification Number) which will provide complete security at all the merchants and online portals as well.

5. Corporate Gifting:-

Are you thinking of giving incentives to your corporate employees? Then Axis Bank Gift cards are the best rewards which you can give them.

These are the best incentives which you can give to your employees and the best part is that these are complete custom and can easily suit all your needs.

6. Convenience:-

Talking about the convenience, these cards are convenient for you.

You can easily carry these cards just like a piece of paper. These are so easy to carry as well. You can also contact to Axis Bank customer care for more details.