2007 brought for us in the form of an iPhone, an amazing example of advancement in technology. And, ever since, iPhones have been a class apart, trying to bring to us newness with every addition to the generations. Now that the iPhone 7 is all set to be launched in the month of September, we have been hearing a lot of rumours and news on the same.


Here we bring to you, a little more to what you’ve already heard.

Colour variants: The iPhone 7 will move out of the very typical iPhone colours that we’ve seen over the period of almost a decade. With the iPhone 7, Apple will get out of the Golden and Grey zone, only to offer an addition of Space grey and Deep blue. Some inspiration from Samsung may be? Well, whatever it is, is surely great for us.

3 options: The iPhone 6 brought us two versions of 6s and 6plus, the iPhone 7 shall bring to us 3 different variants- iPhone 7, iPhone 7S, and iPhone PRO. So that is more like it? An innovation and more of a choice for the buyers?

Performance: We’ve seen Apple perform better than any other mid ranged phone, even though with a better RAM. But what happens when Apple also increases its RAM and makes it a 4GB may be? The RAM might see some major changes which will bring for the buyers a super fast and smooth iPhone 7. iPhone 7 will release with ios 10.

The Earpods: the setup of dual speakers will see another major change since the iPhone 7 will do away with the headphone jack and bring a slimmer iPhone instead. So, apple has instead brought for us a pair of earpods which shall connect to the lighting port and well, produce some music may be?

Price: Now we are talking, aren’t we? We’ve never had low expectations for iPhones when it comes to pricing and so, the iPhone 7 shall be no less. The PRO can climb up to as high as INR 95k, while the basic model can be expected to be somewhere around INR 60k, which isn’t too less, but may be won’t cost us our kidneys?

Jokes apart, Apple is a little pricey or even over priced for many, but for others, Apple’s iPhone is one of the most productive Smartphone available on their check list. So well, will the Apple iPhone 7 be value for money or not, only time shall tell!