Jabong and Myntra both are the top Indian online fashion stores and have a good collection of the products, accessories etc. The comparison of both is as follows:

Products Availability: comparing Jabong and Myntra on the basis of availability of products on both the websites/ online e shopping stores, both have a wide range and variety of products available for their customers. Jabong is having all the branded products while Myntra is having some other good brands as well which are not too expensive like the products available on jabong.


Cost of Products:  cost of the products is amongst one of the major parameters that attracts or diverts the customer. If most of the products are costly than the normal price, the customer will obviously get diverted but those who want just the brand product will not be affected. So, on this parameter Jabong has the products which are expensive while Myntra has the products of medium range which a normal person with a fair income can afford.

Brand Availability:  both the online shopping stores i.e. Jabong and Myntra have a good collection of almost each and every brand so that the customer need not to switch to another online shopping store due to unavailability of any of the brand products. The top brand products available commonly on both of the online shopping stores are Nike, Duke, Wrangler, Peter England, Arrow, calvin Klein, ZOBELLO, UCB (United Colors of Benetton), NEXT, RAY Ban, MTV, Polo, Jockey, TOMMY HILFIGER, DIESEL, TIMEX, U.S.POLO and many others.

Latest Stock of products and Brands: latest is what a customer always expects while purchasing something. So a latest collection of the brand products always attracts the customers. On this parameter, both the online shopping store have the same rating as both of these update their stocks and product timely and regularly which the customer always loves and thus checks-in the store for the new arrival from time to time.

Service to Customer:  when the customer purchases something from any of the shop or online shopping store, he/ she always expects his order within a few days and even within 3-5 days. So Service to customer factor becomes important for the online shopping stores if they want their customer back to their store again. On this parameter, both i.e. Jabong Customer Care and Myntra are good however Jabong is better than Myntra for delivering the order within 5 working days according to customer’s reviews while Myntra takes 5-7 working days to deliver an order to its customer.


jabong and Myntra both are the tough competitors to each other and have a fair no. of regular customers. Observing both on parameters like service to customer, latest stock of products and brands, Brand products availability, cost of products and products availability, Myntra is found to be better than Jabong however it was not easy to decide but some of the factors like customer satisfaction, reviews supported Myntra to win the race.